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Mini Equipment for Small Scale Reclamation and Remediation Projects

We are pleased to provide a cost effective alternative to intrusive winter access for small scale reclamation and remediation projects. Our equipment can be pulled behind UTV equipment such as an argo or quad in addition to being heliportable for those difficult access locations. 



Mini Tracked Earth Mover

Owl River has various sizes of small tracked earthmoving equipment that can be used for various purposes. This equipment can be used on ground accessible and helicopter access only sites for small scale earth moving projects.

Tasks like ripping for mulch prep, settlement repair and small scale redistribution can be completed in a timely manner at a much lower cost than conventional iron work that requires winter access construction. Summer access into remote areas is beneficial due to lower costs and less overall environmental impact is sustained.


Mini Backhoe

With a variety of backhoe type pieces of equipment available Owl River is able to provide a number of access options and can perform work in variable terrain.

This equipment can be pulled into locations with ATV's such as quads or argos depending on the access or can be slung into sites via helicopter for more remote projects. Mounding for tree planting prep, small scale excavations (i.e. well centre remediation), duff spreading, mulch prep and numerous other small scale earth moving tasks can be completed in a timely and cost effective manner thus reducing the need for conventional winter access with traditional iron.


Mini Dumper converted to Heliportable Drill

We can provide environmental assessment services on remote access sites with our heliportable hydraulic drilling unit. This machine can also be used on more traditional sites to complete subsurface sampling for contamination concerns, as well as subsoil suitability for sumps and borrow pits in remote locations.

Completing conventional reclamation work,
in an unconventional manner

Remote access under non-frozen conditions

Accessibility with small scale equipment in the summer months also allows for the operators onsite to see what they are working on. Winter work on small scale projects is often hindered by deep snow and poor visibility of the ground surface, often resulting in the work not being completed to the full extent required. In being able to access sites in the summer months this problem is eliminated and less disturbance to the area is required. 

In using small scale conventional equipment in an unconventional manner, Owl River is able to provide earthmoving services to our clients at reduced cost relative to conventional earthworks and with a much lower environmental foot print. This translates to faster vegetation recovery and less time spent waiting for regulatory compliance on reclamation sites, thus lowering the overall spend and liability of the project.