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Providing local environmental consulting services to Northern Alberta


Providing reclamation and remediation environmental consulting services to the local oil and gas industry.


Owl River can provide small scale equipment suitable for reclamation and remediation in remote areas. Sites can be accessed by ground or helicopter thus reducing expensive winter access costs for small projects

Consulting Services

Owl River is pleased to be able to provide environmental services such as Commercial Phase 1 and 2 Site Assessments and environmental consulting services to local businesses.

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Our Commitment to Safety

Owl River Environmental Ltd. is committed to the protection from accidental loss of all its resources, including employees and physical assets. The protection of our environment will always remain a priority in our day to day operations.

In fulfilling this commitment, management will provide and maintain a safe work environment through procedures, training, equipment and programs that comply with all legislative and regulatory requirements. Owl River is dedicated to ensuring complete compliance with OH&S regulations, as well as all other municipal, provincial, and federal legislation as it applies to our operations.

Owl River both encourages and demands incident and near miss reporting. With the active involvement of all employees, we can be successful in providing a safe working environment.

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Owl River is a proud member of ISNetworld.

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